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Snow Removal Services 

Amazonia is experienced in providing snow removal services for small residential driveways, common roads, hills, and long private driveways.  We have over 10 years of snow removal and de-icing experience, on both residential and commercial clients.  

We can also relocate snow from parking lots and offer skid-steer services for pushing snow. 

We offer snow shoveling of long walkways, decks, and patios, these services are more likely to be charged on an hourly rate. 

 Commercial & Residential Snow Removal Services: 

  • Snow plowing 

  • Hand shoveling 

  • Snow blowing 

  • Relocating snow 

  • Clearing decks, patios and walkways 

  • De-icing,     

  • Sand/salt mix 

  • Salt treatment parking lots 

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