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Landscape Design and Installation

Do you want to completely change your landscape design or just improve its current appearance?  We listen closely to our customer’s needs to make sure that we deliver precisely what they want. With Amazonia, you are guaranteed to get quality services for affordable prices. 

Hardscape design such as retaining walls, walkways, patios, water features are all projects that our knowledgeable staff have been delivering to our customers! Now it's easier than ever to plan and execute your dream yard with our in-house design team.



Not only will our digital design software provide a visual of what your final product will be but assists in making the best decisions in regards to landscape products, location, plantings and overall budget. Our highly knowledgeable team will bring your landscaping ideas to life. Let us simplify the process, take the guess work out of your design and create your dream yard! 

Our company goal is to deliver the perfect landscape design and installation, and exceed our client’s expectations. 


Amazonia provides landscape design and installation for homeowners associations, commercial facilities, and residential properties. 

 Landscape Design Services:

  • Retaining walls 

  • Patios 

  • Fire pit & fireplace 

  • Grading 

  • Stone walls 

  • Stone veneering 

  • Granite steps, natural bluestone steps, 

  • Tree planting, transplanting

  • Waterfalls 

  • Water features, fish ponds

  • Front / Backyard landscape design 

Bring your vision to life with our Digital Designs.
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